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Satti, Satti, Satisfied

If you have not heard of Satti then you probably been out of this planet for a long time.

So what is a Satti? A Satti is a common food in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia and Mindanao, Philippines. It comes from a Hindu-Arabic word Shatein, which means "food of Shaytan" (Satan). Its main ingredients are small pieces of beef, grilled on hot coals until it becomes red-black in color. Eaten together with rice cooked in coconut leaves, it dazed on red-coloured, spicy sauce. The etymology of the name is reminiscent of hell where the soul is burned in eternal fire and swimming in flowing sea of burning sulphur.[Wikipidia]

Satti is an exotic food. It signifies the unique ties between Christians and Muslims.

Satti is also a breakfast meal of the local residents in Zamboanga in the Philippines. In Zamboanga, satti shops sometimes open up as early as 4 AM and by around midday it is rare to find a meal. Although the Satay in Malaysia is similar to regular BBQ, the satti has only three small strips of roasted meat on a stick. The meat can be made or come from beef, pork, liver or [chicken.[1]

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A netizen also  contributed this reciepe of Satti at : https://www.facebook.com/notes/si-chavacano-tambi%C3%A9n-yo/satti-recipe/415587046677/



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